Meet our Artisans


 A journey of perseverance and mastery

by Tan Li Diang, MMS Missionary based in Cambodia 

Our journey of helping this group of women to rebuild their lives began in 2011 with our first crochet workshop in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Many of our crochet artisans started with us from the very beginning, 9 years ago, learning their first chain stitch at one of our workshops. Over the years, this group of artisans have persevered and continued to work hard to master their crafts. Others joined along the way.

Our goal is to nurture each of the artisans to self-sustainability. Our promise to our artisans is that we pay them a fair wage for every piece of work they craft. They are given flexibility to work from home so that they can attend to their family commitments. Many are mothers with young kids.  

Just like the unique handcrafted items they produce, every woman has a special

 Sreylen joined Flourish’s first crochet workshop in Cambodia in 2011.

She learned fast and subsequently joined the Flourish team as Project Coordinator.  She worked with the crochet team on new orders to earn extra pocket money while she was attending Architectural School. She is now married with an adorable baby boy and continues to design and crochet for our kids’ collection.

 Dina is a happily married woman with 2 young toddlers.

She joined Flourish’s first crochet workshop in Cambodia in 2011. She enjoys working with her hands and has a good eye for colors and designs. She also conducts crochet workshops to equip young girls with crochet skills at the Community Outreach Services Immanuel (COSI). She designed and crocheted the Cute Phone Covers and the Teapot Cosies in our current catalog.  


enjoys computer graphics and loves working with her hands.
She first joined Flourish's decapogue workshop in 2018 and subsequently designed the popular decapogue bamboo bag collection. She is the brains and hands behind our current Boho Jewellery series.

Chab Neng is a single mom with 2 teenage sons.

She is a woman of great faith and perseverance in adversity. She takes great pride in her sewing and has sewn many of the items in Flourish’s home & living collection.

Sina Sreng is a mother of two lovely girls, aged five and ten and is married to Pastor Tharoath of Odem Outreach Point.
She is an enterprising and resourceful woman, always keeping herself busy. When she is not sewing, she will be joining her husband in ministry, preaching, training and ministering to other women.